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I had a dream. I was walking along a road at dusk when suddenly I saw something like a ballpoint pen lying at my feet. I picked it up and discovered it was a very precious pen- the most precious I’d ever seen-even studded with diamonds. As I kept walking and wondering about it, I began to sing a song I learned as a young student in college: “Some golden daybreak, Jesus will come.” While I was singing, a mighty orchestra sounded from the sky. It was simply heavenly.

Track List

01 The Woman at the Feet of Jesus

02 Christ and His Bride

03 Eyes of Faith

04 Here Am I, Send Me

05 How to Recognize Jesus

06 Jesus is Lord

07 Let My People Go 

08 No Private Pyramid

09 Servant and Son

10 The Conqueror With the Bleeding Feet

11 The Great Commission

12 The Healing Poem