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Hell Empty Heaven Full: Part 1 - Stirring Compassion for the Lost (Hardcover Book)


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Hell Was Never Designed For The Lost.

Every day, millions of people move farther down the dark road to destruction. They are your coworkers, your neighbors, your friends—and they are lost.

Yet one individual, arms outstretched in the shape of a cross, stands in the middle of that road, blocking their way. His name is Jesus. And one person at a time, He is turning the crowd around, gently pointing each one toward an eternity of hope and joy.

In this hardcover edition of Hell Empty Heaven Full - part one of a two-part volume - author and International Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke shares his personal passion for bringing the Gospel to every one of God's children. He invites you - he urges you - to join Jesus at the crossroads between despair and delight. There isn't a moment to lose. Hell was never designed for the lost. Heaven is expecting them!

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