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God’s purpose is to move from visitation to habitation.
The church is the most important entity on earth. It is the Father’s household, the Son’s body, and the Holy Spirit’s temple. No wonder Paul warned the Corinthians to take care how they built it. God’s real house is not a building or a ministry organization. It is a people, bonded together as spiritual family, being discipled into the image of Jesus Christ.

In this innovative book, A TIME TO BUILD, Robert Gladstone offers clarity on the church’s identity in light of modern revivals and God’s overall plan for history. During seasons of outpouring we experience divine visitation, yet God’s purpose is to move from visitation to habitation. How do we do that? We must build the house
for God to inhabit!

The western world needs this habitation like never before. We can no longer afford “church” to be a Sunday event or a consumer-driven corporation. It is time to shift church back to its biblical identity.

It is time for a Jesus Movement.
It is time to build the house of the Lord.