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Have you ever struggled with guilt, shame, or condemnation?

Have you ever found yourself hiding behind pride, self-righteousness, religion or some other superficial façade? 

Have you ever desired freedom from your past, forgiveness from your sins and peace with God? 

If your answer is yes, this could be the most important message you have ever heard.

In this DVD, filmed live at Firestorm USA, in Dallas, Texas, Evangelist Daniel Kolenda delivers a pure and powerful evangelistic message on the incredible gift that God offers through the ultimate sacrifice of an innocent other. Join the thousands that gathered in the Dallas Convention Center to hear this classic Gospel message from a modern missionary-evangelist who has led more than 8-million people to Christ and ministered on every inhabited continent of the world. 

YOU will be inspired, convicted and challenged to receive salvation under the covering that God has provided for all those that will “Put on the Lord Jesus Christ."