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The Simplicity of Sharing the Gospel  
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Did you know that YOU have a responsibility to share the Gospel?

According to a study by Barna Group, although 73% of born again Christians in the U.S. believe they have a personal responsibility to share their faith, only half (52%) actually did in the past year. What is to blame for this huge gap between theory and reality?

Evangelist Daniel Kolenda notes the myriad of excuses usually boils down to one word – FEAR! We must overcome our fears to share the Gospel. So the next question is, how?

To answer that, in the newest booklet by Evangelist Daniel Kolenda, Simplicity of the Gospel, you will learn the following 4 principles to overcoming fear, followed by five tips for communicating the Gospel.


4 Principles 

  1. Fear is a Phantom
  2. Trust the Holy Spirit
  3. Love trumps fear
  4. Be Prepared

5 Tips

  1. Be aware of those around you
  2. Be willing to initiate
  3. Use your testimony
  4. Don't argue
  5. Ask the question

  Putting these points to practice will make us fearless and effective soul-winners!