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Full Flame Film Series (4 DVD's)


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If you've ever dreamed of doing something great for God, but weren't sure of the qualifications needed, Full Flame answers your questions and reveals those same biblical principles that propelled Reinhard Bonnke to become one of today's leading soul-winners.

Full Flame harnesses the power of dramatic story-telling to share the important concepts that you need to know and Reinard Bonnke's gift for illustrating complex biblical principles with clarity anyone can understand is like no other. Together, these create an entertaining and empowering experience, regardless of your Bible knowledge, education level, or religious affiliation.

Full flame is Your passport for discovering the fire that God has waiting for you!


Film 1: Lost at Sea
Film 2: The matchless message (China)
Film 3: Who Jesus Calls and Equips (Brazil) | The Art of the Impossible (Egypt)
Film 4: How I learned Faith (Kenya) | How to Conquer Fear (Indonesia)
Film 5: Fire, The Ensign of the Gospel (Australia) | Relying on the Anointing (Japan)
Film 6: Living in the Miraculous (India) | The Power of Proclamation (Russia)
Film 7: The Main is the Message (Germany) | The Revival Detonator (United Kingdom)
Film 8: Principles for Success (United States)

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