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Breaking the Stronghold of Food


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Different thinking enables different behavior. This holds true when it comes to breaking free from food addictions and choosing to embrace a healthy lifestyle that will positively affect all areas of one’s life. As has been said before, “The hard part isn’t getting your body in shape. The hard part is getting your mind in shape.” 

The book includes practical and inspirational chapters such as:

·  Confessions of a Recovering Food Addict

·  What If Unhealthy Eating is Sinful?

·  Too Fat to Fly

·  My Plan Was Not Working

·  How My Radical Transformation Began

·  The Esau Mentality is Deadly

·  Holiness Principles for Wholesome Eating

·  Nancy’s Story  

·  And much more!

Equip yourself today by taking advantage of the practical truths contained within this invaluable resource that is sure to motivate and assist you in becoming a better steward of your body!

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